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So you've already heard of the Venus Factor, and you no doubt wondering how it works!

Well, I'm here to tell you all about it, and the good news is that having studied it in great detail, I find I can truly recommended The Venus Factor as the one and only program on the Internet which genuinely stands out as an opportunity for women to lose weight quickly, perhaps losing as much as 12 pounds in 10 weeks.

The Venus Factor is written by John Barban, who is also the author of the Adonis Golden Ratio, one of the most successful weight loss, body shaping, and fitness programs for men (see it here).

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The Venus Factor for women seems to occupy the same space in the marketplace as the Adonis Golden Ratio -- except, of course, that this time it has been written specifically for women....!

And one of the interesting questions about the Venus Factor I want to consider is why it's actually so useful, why it stands so far head and shoulders above all the other programs for weight loss and dieting, slimming and toning body shaping on the Internet.

Again: it's written specifically for women, written in a way that will actually give women an opportunity to use a diet program that works in harmony with their unique physiology.

I mean that in two ways: "unique physiology" in the sense that a woman has a unique individual physiology specific to her, but also "unique" in the sense that most diet plans are not written basically for a specific gender -- they're written as though the applied to the whole human race.

The Venus Factor is unique in the respect that it's written specifically for women - because it deals with an approach to weight loss that is based on the science of leptin, the fat burning hormone, and how that can operate in a woman's body.

Essentially the Venus Factor describes how to increase your body's responsivity to leptin, so that you lose weight more quickly. And one of the ways that you can increase the body's sensitivity to leptin is to change what you eat. Then, what you eat will actually have an impact on the amount of fat that you lay down or burn off: it seems that diets often fail for women because although they're taking exercise and controlling what they're eating, the leptin response in their body is insufficient to allow fat to be burnt off.

From this?

To this? (With The Venus Factor, of course!)


This leaves a woman feeling hungry and likely to binge on fatty foods when her resistance and willpower evaporate.

And of course what we have to understand in this respect is that there is fundamentally only one way of losing weight: i.e. to consume less calories than you actually use in your everyday life, so that your fat stores are used to make up the deficit.

The problem of course - as you will have gathered from what I've written above - is that when leptin is not responding to the demands of the body, fat is not released from the fat stores, so one remains hungry and loses comparatively little weight.

The actual method by which you can increase your body sensitivity to leptin is described in great detail in the Venus Factor by author John Barban. (Read it here - losing weight fast.)

Here, though, I want to focus on the aspect that I've mentioned above: calorie deficit, and to say a little bit about how you can consume fewer calories than you're actually using in your everyday life.

Furthermore, one point that needs to be understood very clearly is that a diet is not something that you can apply in the same way from beginning to end of your weight loss regime.

When you have plenty of fat your body deals with a calorie or food deficit in a very different way to the way that it deals with the deficit when you have limited fat reserves: you therefore need to be constantly adjusting what you're doing according to the amount of weight that you have actually lost up to any point in your diet.

The Venus Factor, needless to say, has taken this into account, and offers a safe and sustainable approach to weight loss -- a fact which demonstrates why this is indeed the market leader in dieting strategy programs at the moment.

But Is Leptin Physiology So Simple?

So let's consider again this issue of fat being released into the body due to a calorie deficit. A crash diet will not actually consume large quantities of fat -- it actually causes you to lose lean muscle mass and protein from the body, which actually changes the shape of your body in an adverse way.

You cannot actually force your body to lose weight faster than it naturally would do so; the battle against fat is determined by consistency and steadiness rather than crash dieting. Of course what you're trying to do is optimize the speed at which you lose weight -- and here, for "optimized" you can read "achieve a loss of fat as quickly as possible".

In other words, you have to match a calorie deficit with the possible rate of fat loss that is achievable for the percentage body fat that you currently have.

That's why a weekly assessment of your percentage of body fat is absolutely essential; again, I rather suspect there is not other diet program on the market which actually engages the customer in an assessment week by week to ensure that a regime of 12 weeks to lose 10 pound is achievable and realistic.

Keep in mind also the crash dieting isn't safe; apart from the fact that it will cause you to lose lean muscle mass, there are all kinds of impacts which may occur on your general health and well-being.

The approach adopted by John Barban in the Venus Factor is very different: he's actually proposing a system that will work totally in harmony with your body, not just so that you actually remain safe from the effects of crash dieting, but so that the rate of weight loss that you achieve is optimal.

Now to get this perfect balance of weight loss and calorie deficit, apart from the weekly reassessment of where you're at in your program, there is a computerized program which will give you the specific information every week throughout the 12 week exercise program which tells you exactly what you need to do on a day by day basis to reach the optimum rate of of weight loss for your particular physiology.

Achieve your ideal body shape with Venus!


The other aspect you might be surprised by is that the Venus Factor has a computerized calorie counter which will actually calculate for you the optimum calorie intake on a day by day basis. This so-called Venus calculator software is supplied free of charge as part of your membership.

John Barban, author of the program, has amusingly named it the "Venus Factor virtual nutritionist". And it's no surprise to me that technology has been used to help us out so much in the field of dieting and weight loss, because technology also features in every other area of our lives.

We can get a computer program to calculate calorie deficit and optimal rate weight loss, and so much the better, because this approach can only enhance the effectiveness and safety of the diet that you're using.

Perhaps what is more surprising is the fact that other slimming programs haven't actually bothered to incorporate this level of sophistication into the regimes that they offer to their customers.

What I think I can conclude fairly clearly is that the combination of sound scientific principles that relate to leptin physiology with the computerized technology that allows the system to calculate your ideal exercise plan and your ideal calorie intake day by day throughout the entire program means that the Venus Factor is a truly remarkable and exceptional diet plan.

Having said all of that, I know that some individuals find technology rather frightening, and that the overall impression of what I've written above may be that there is a hugely complicated system that people need to get to grips with, and that unless you're a technologically advanced individual (for which read "geek"!!) you aren't going to be able to do so!

Well, the fact of the matter is that this system is simplicity itself. Both diet and weight loss mechanisms are set out in detail, and your input to the system is merely certain measurements every week -- that's enough for the system to calculate your exercise regime, your nutritional program, and in particular, the calories that you need to consume to make sure that you're actually losing weight of the optimal rate.

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Ways To Give A Woman The Easiest Weight Loss Plan Ever!


Would you buy into The Venus Factor? A look at the program may change your mind!

Before and after results with The Venus Factor

Eating the Right Food With The Venus Factor!

And now it's time to consider some other aspects about the Venus Factor -- while not trying to cover the whole program, I do want to give you an impression about some of the most important aspects of it, and certainly the meal plans section is one of those.

So the first and foremost thing you need to know about the meal plans is that they are very varied and exciting -- you're certainly not going to be faced with some boring regime of eating dried gritty food low in fat, sugar and calories every day!

And of course you do need to know something about the food you're eating to be able to select a program of calorie intake that suits your physiology! That's why part of the information in the ebook is about calorie and protein content, as well as carbohydrate content, so you can understand the food you're eating, and you can plan precisely what you want to eat every single day.

This means that you get food to suit your personal tastes, your personal metabolism, and of course more importantly than anything else, matches your individual nutritional requirements.

Naturally enough, the information allows you to calculate which food is going to match your diet plan: with information about calories and proteins, you can calculate an ideal weight loss plan -- not that you need to! Because the computer will do that for you if you want. So maintaining your ideal weight could actually be easier -- but there is another aspect to this which is important and that's all about the effect of supplements on your diet.

Nutritional Supplements

Mr Barban is not trying to sell you supplements, and he doesn't do that in his program, but he has a lifetime of assessing the need for dietary supplements in the human diet, and he offers some salient advice.

Because leptin is the hormone which causes factor released into the body, and will actually also increase your metabolic rate to do this, any supplements that you can take which will actually ensure that your leptin activity and your body sensitivity to leptin remains high are clearly advantageous. The Venus Factor gives you full information on this....

Now bear in mind that losing weight isn't just about losing fat: it's about doing it safely, and in a continuous way which allows you to modify your progress, find out what is right to you, and then adapt what you are doing to suit.

Bear in mind that women's bodies are not all the same -- the image on the left-hand side of this page demonstrates that very clearly. There's no point you trying to take a dietary regime which is suitable for a pair shape body and use it if yours happens to be a diamond shaped body, let us say.

The truth of the matter is that you can look very attractive no matter what your body shape, as long as you've actually been using the correct weight loss goals.

This is an incredibly important point which many people overlook when they're dieting -- one of the things that's actually critical about this aspect of weight loss is that the ratio of your waist size to your height is a very clear indicator of serious illness such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and metabolic syndrome.

These measurements therefore are a critical part of the Venus Factor weight loss program. No doubt you see how this isn't just about dieting, it's about health in all ways.

You need to work out (exercise) in a way that suits your basic body shape and type: this is the only way in which you're actually going to achieve the maximum possible health benefits of weight training.

By now you'll have gathered that there are many reasons why people go astray when they're trying to follow a diet - but the fundamental reason is that they're not following scientific principles that determine what they should be consuming in terms of protein, fat and carbohydrate to suit the kind of body they have and the metabolic requirements of their body.

The Venus Factor e-book will actually reveal which measurements you need to take, and which measurements you need to change, as you work your way through the diet plan -- this means that you can ensure you are using the correct exercise regime for your body and the correct nutritional input for your body.


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